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You did it!  You bit the bullet…you invested a good amount of money into a “big” camera.  You know the types of pictures that you want…you know that sometimes those point and shoots miss the action b/c the clicker just doesn’t CLICK when you tell it to…In your mind you can see the images that you want to capture, and like many of us, you are willing to go to a certain point to obtain what you want…
The problem is that you get this fancy camera and sure, the pictures are better than before…but you’re shooting hundreds of pictures…you’re trying the continuous shutter so that you don’t miss a thing but STILL…you’re getting a good shot MAYBE every once in awhile and even those aren’t those “frame-worthy” ones that you were envisioning in the first place.
So, what’s the deal?  The deal is that you purchased a piece of equipment and until your know-how starts to equal what that equipment is capable of, you’re only going to get “lucky” with your pictures instead of capturing moments deliberately!

Take a look at these before and afters...do you want that to be YOU?

 Your camera has LOTS of buttons and crazy-exciting things that it can do.  And maybe some of you HAVE spent the time, you’ve TRIED to sit and read through that long manual only to be baffled by big words and wondering, “what is really important here?”
I’ve been there!  As a Mom who savors her time and moments like gold…I don’t want to waste it…but, I also don’t want to miss it b/c I didn’t bother to learn some tools to help me grow in order to capture it forever!  

SnapShops or Mentor sessions are for YOU
those of you who have the equipment and just need the “know-how” in order to use it to it’s fullest capability…

you just need a new perspective and a refresher on the philosophy of photo-journalism…
Here's what you learn: 

you learn my philosophy of photography and capturing your children’s personalities…how to look at life through a lens and how to focus in on important things and also how to dance between the bigger picture and zooming in close…

you learn  angles and perspectives, shortcuts and composition using light...ways to use your time efficiently and still get the pictures you want…

you learn about the mechanics of your camera…how to get it off auto and get the blurry backgrounds, not have to use a flash indoors so that you get a natural feel instead of blown out faces and begin to find out just what your camera can do!
mechanics covered:
AF-area modes
aperture, shutterspeed, ISO/exposure triangle
depth of field
tips on how to get sharp images
lens recommendations
photo recipes for specific lighting conditions
and so much more...

Snapshops are only a minimal monetary commitment compared to the invaluable amount of knowledge you take away with you...in order to be a photojournalist for your family!

What you receive:
*one on one, personal paced, 2-3 hours of instruction including question/answer time with the instructor (yours truly:)
*Detailed Notes with exercises to practice at home
*spiral bound, color printed, 20 page quick guide booklet for your camera bag

*invitation to join private Facebook Snapshop group for additional tutorials, helpful hints, contests & encouragement


if you bring a friend, you each receive $10 OFF of your price...if you bring another friend, you each receive $20 OFF of your price! (mentor sessions CAP at 3 people)

(mentoring take place in my home, however, I am available to travel within a specific drive time and adjusted rates may apply...let's chat to make it work for YOU!)


***please be rest assured that many that have taken this class have gone on to create INCREDIBLE photos for their families AND after attending a CLICK IT, have been able to create memorable Christmas cards, announcements and scrapbooks

*** ((Yes, I'm pretty much working myself out of a job :) )

Email ctphotomemories@gmail.com with
SNAPSHOP in the subject line

We can set up a date that works for both of us in the near future and get you on your way to taking AHHHMazing pictures of your family!!!


Click It Info

Click It!!

So, you took the Snapshop and you are on your way to getting those FABULOUS pictures while you are rockin' out your camera...

Well...now what?  It's no use just keeping them ON your camera forever...you need to display them...show your kids how you "see" them...fill your home with images of LIFE and MOMENTS as they happen...

AND YET...in between laundry, dishes and dirty diapers...and NOW, trying to juggle the settings on your camera in order to get a "great" shot...well, let's face it...LIFE, in and of itself, just happens!!!

This is where Photoshop can help...this is the sort of thing that I do late at night when my body is tired and if I fold one more t-shirt or pair of pants, I think I might explode...so I sit back in front of my computer and start to peruse the pictures I've taken...

The Click It:  Good to GREAT class introduces you to the world of photoshop elements!  It is a user-friendly program that allows you to take your photos and enhance them...basically make them POP so that you feel terrific about enlarging and printing them for your walls...

This is a first course in a series...this teaches you the basics of photoshop elements...

What you will learn:
 *basics of the program that you can apply to all photos
*how to open, close, crop, resize for print and the web
*to become adept at analyzing your images so you can diagnose what to do to make your pictures pop: 
*Global Editing (things applied to a whole image)
*a bonus item of your choice for retouching or finishing your images

You'll need to have Adobe Photoshop Elements  installed on your computer.  You can get a free 30 day trial from adobe if you wish.

OR it's on sale now through Amazon HERE 

What you'll receive
*full color print out of notes to follow in class as well as step by step instructions to take home with you.
*I'll help you know how and when to use basic tools in photoshop to help make your photos even better
*we'll use YOUR individual photos before and after class so that you can see the results immediately with your OWN pictures!

Click It will also help you with any photoshop version under 13.0 as well...each year Adobe just adds a new little gadget...so, even though 13.0 has the most options, 6.0 can still get your photos poppin' and printed out into a beautiful scrapbook page if you'd like!

This first class runs between 1.5-2 hours

Investment: $65
It is BEST for you to have a laptop in order to practice on while instruction is taking place...if you do not, you can always buddy up with someone else or be sure to take extra notes to help you remember certain details that you don't want to forget.  But also remember, that you have "yours truly" at your fingertips..I"m only a phone call/email away for any questions or refreshers you might need in the future...

My goal is to help you gain the confidence and understanding you need to learn how to DIY and make your photos be all that they can be!!!

2016 Schedule for Click It 

TBA depending on interest

Contact me at ctphotomemories@gmail.com
Maximum of 5 people

(available during the daytime of weekdays)
same class, one-on-one, up to 2 hours

Click It UP: features a "part 2" of the photoshop process.  In Click It, you learn the basics of the program, the tools and functions...you learn how to do a "global" edit (enhancements to the whole photo).  In Click It UP, we focus more on the retouching, the fine tuning and go deeper into layer masking & clipping masks to create not only fantastic portraits, but beginning the process of creating digital cards & signs.

Currently, Click It UP is only offered with one on one mentoring (see pricing above)


TESTIMONIALS for SnapShop & Click It

Don't take my word for it...listen to what others, who you have invested in this class, have said:

"Colleen really brings it all together.  She has used her God-given gift for photography and her wonderful people skills to teach the mechanics of photography!"  ~ALD

"Colleen does an amazing job of teaching and bringing information to a level of understanding all the while, making it fun!"

"The SnapShop workshop was so informative and FUN!  It gave me the tools I needed to get the photos I want--FINALLY--in a fun and friendly setting!"  ~ Cyndi

"Colleen is a natural when it comes to teaching photography.  Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious and will make you want to run out with your camera and capture your world!"  ~Holly

"A MUST-take class!  You will never go back to auto focus again!"

"Very useful few hours!  In a time where time is "money" this is a very practical way to learn your DSLR"


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